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Game Image
Bomb it
Place bombs, take bonuses and fight the enemies, but don't let the burn you.

Game Image
Feudalism 2
Choose your civilization, creat armies, fight your enemies and conquer cities, unlock soldiers and fight!

Game Image
Castle Wars 2
Activate different cards upgrading yourself and get the castle to 100 blocks of stone.

Game Image
Lord of War
Place towers, upgrade them and kill all the mosters. Don't let them get to the end of the road.

Game Image
Warfare 1917
Play in campaign mode or make your own levels. Create soldiers and win your enemies.

Game Image
World Wars
This game is similar version to Risk: conquer territories and remeber to use your troops wisely.

Game Image
Warlords C.T.A.
Recruit troops on the field on different levels. Destroy your enemies.

Game Image
Strategy defense 3
Defend your castle by the upcoming enemies by placing turrets. Destroy your enemy's castle.

Game Image
Fwg Island
Help nature by eliminating as many "polluters" as possible, they want to build industries on your island. Stop them!

Game Image
Age of War
Send your troops out on different ages and destroy your enemy's fortress. Use your SPECIAL ATTACK!

Game Image
Temple Guardian
Defend your temple by placing turrets on the sides of the road. Don't let the enemies enter your temple.

Game Image
Electricman 2
Fight the opponents. Controls: A-punch, S-kick, D-grab, Q,W,E-special slow motion attacks.

Game Image
Metal Slug 4
Pass levels, take bonuses and different weapons, and get to the final boss in one of the best flash action games.

Game Image
Chicken Attack
Protect the house from the infected chickens by shooting aspirins at them. Take the bounses.

Game Image
Black Knight
Obtain money from the king, destroy the objects and the people, but pay attention to the witch!!!

Game Image
Gun Run
Shoot the air and land machines. Take the good bonuses and avoid taking the bad ones.

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