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Game Image
Select the direction and the power and get the golf ball into the hole.

Game Image
Island Golf
Play in different gold courses, avoid the obstacles and watch for steepness.

Game Image
Yahoo Golf
Select a golf club then click on “Shot”, choose the power and hope for the best.

Game Image
Street Sesh
Make as many points as you can, making trickswith your skateboard on your way to the metro.

Game Image
The Champions 2007
Choose a team and play football. “C” to shoot and “X” to pass.

Game Image
3D Penalty
Choose a team, take shots and save.

Game Image
Streets Table Soccer
Use the arrows to move your team and score 5 goals before your opponent does so.

Game Image
Yahoo Tennis
Play tennis, and defeat your opponent.

Game Image
Legend Of Ping Pong
Choose a nation and challenge all the others. Your mouse is the bat.

Game Image
Disco Bowling
Select the power and the direction and take down all the pins!

Game Image
Man Mountains 2007
Get your opponents out of the field. Space bar to charge your opponent and arrow keys to push.

Game Image
Pinch Hitter 2
Complete the different objectives playing baseball and advance in your career.

Game Image
Snowboard Stunt
As soon as you get to the ramp jump with the space bar after that get yourself back to normal.

Game Image
Stunt Dirt Bike
Choose your vehicle and make the levels using the arrow keys. As you advance you unlockother vehicles.

Game Image
Air Hockey 3
Hit the disc with the mouse and make it go in the opponent’s hole. Hit the stars for bonuses.

Game Image
Calculate the power of the jump and the rotation. Do as many tricks as you can.

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