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Game Image
Beach Flirting Game
Select a boy and click on him, when another gilr wants to take him, quickly click on him.

Game Image
Baci al lavoro
As soon as your boss turns around kiss the worker for as long as possible. Be careful to the boss.

Game Image
First Date
Choos the girl's dress and accessories to make her look gorgeous for her first date.

Game Image
Oriental Flirting
Look daggers to as many boys as possible, but watch out for the other gilrs and time.

Game Image
Prom Night
Choose the couple and the dresses they'll wear for on of the most significant nights.

Game Image
Elliv Island
In 100 days find the girl of your life, gain money, buy presents and increase the stats.

Game Image
Kiss Off
Avoid the smokers and get to your mate, gaining as many loves points as possible.

Game Image
Burger Restaurant
Gain money by serving to the right people as fast as you can.

Game Image
Beauty Resort
Work in the beauty parlor, move the clients where they need, bring them the objects and don't make them wait.

Game Image
The Farmer
In the center buy vegetables and chickens, water the plants and feed the animals, take what they produce.

Game Image
My Cute Pets 2
Care for these cute pets and satisfy their requests.

Game Image
Be the babysitter of the kids. Don't make the kids cry until their parents come back.

Game Image
Christmas Girl Dress
Choose the best looking christmas dress for the girl.

Game Image
Royal Bride Dress Up
Dress the bride with the best dress for the marrige ceremony.

Game Image
Barbie House
Fill the different rooms with forniture as you like. Many objects are available in this game.

Game Image
Tap the keys that show up in the red rectangle. Sometimes you'll have to press more keys at the same time.
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